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weinermobileI never dreamed I’d see the Weinermobile up close and personal, let alone on my 30th birthday.  Nevertheless, as my friend Chris and I stopped for a meal at Carrabba’s Italian restaurant in Roanoke, VA before the concert, it was in plain view sitting in the adjacent parking lot of Valley View Mall.  I asked Chris if it might be an imitator, but he was sure this was the real thing.  Once we saw the Wisconsin license plates and the authentically registered trademark Oscar Meyer logo on the side, we were both sure we’d seen the real thing.

We hurried across the way and had our picture taken in front of it.  Chris insisted on it and I’m so glad he did.  It added to the uniqueness and fun of our great day trip.  Any other suspicions I may have had about its authenticity would be laid to rest when my friend Raymond Caviness posted a picture with it gassing up three days later at Sheetz in our nearby hometown of Wytheville.  He even got a weenie whistle.

Ironically, just before we saw it, Chris and I had just finished discussing our hot dog preferences.  Mine has always been Oscar Meyer beef dogs.  I seldom buy hotdogs at restaurants because if they aren’t all beef, I can’t eat them, especially not the dyed hotdogs made by cheaper brands like Valleydale and used by our locally famous Skeeters.

At any rate, Chris noted how perfect the day had turned out for me by saying that I got a great meal, an awesome concert, stellar company and my picture with the Weinermobile.  What more could I ask for?  What more indeed!