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Little Red Wagon

One of my favorite memories as a child was being pulled around in a Little Tikes wagon by some of my favorite relatives who are no longer with me, like my Aunt Hazel, Granny Rose and Granny Cooley. My dad tells the story over and over of pulling me around in my wagon at 3 A.M. attempting to lull me to sleep. At any rate, I wanted Bella to have the memories I had, so for her first Christmas, I ordered her one. When I got, it was much smaller than I thought. As a result, she didn’t use it much.

This week, my dad came up for a visit and pulled her around in the wagon. She didn’t know what to think at first, but it grew on her quickly. Today was dad’s last day before returning home for a week. We were all very sad, but Bella just came in and brought her wagon to her “Pop.” She had him pull her through the house at least a dozen times until he was completely worn out. Later, she wanted to go outside. My sister-in-law, Bella’s Aunt Karen, brought her outside in her wagon.

When I confessed that I wished I could pull her, she connected a bungee cord from my wheelchair to the wagon handle. Suddenly, a dream had come true. Daddy could pull her in the wagon he bought and since all I had to do was move the joystick on my motorized wheelchair, I wouldn’t tire out. It’s hard to say which one of us had more fun. She never stopped singing, saying “Wheeee” and “Here we go!” On the first trip around, the handle popped up and hit her face. I was devastated, but thank God, Bella didn’t even whimper. We went back and forth for over an hour on this beautiful fall day. What a blessing to be a daddy, especially Bella’s daddy!