Archive For January 31, 2017

Strictly Observing LIVE! Episode 1.5

In this episode, we hear from Wytheville Church of Christ minister Eddie Braddy on how the appreciation meal held for all Wythe County law enforcement came into place, how successful it was and when it might happen again.

Strictly Observing LIVE! Episode 1.4

This week, I talk with Cheryl Turner, owner of Rack ‘Em Up Pool Hall and Diner in Rural Retreat, a place we have been frequenting after church on Sunday.  Hear why she thinks her place is getting a bad reputation from some and what really goes on in her establishment.

Strictly Observing LIVE! Episode 1.3

For my 600th article, I have chosen to interview my dad, Herb Cooley.  In this special episode, we discuss our reactions on the book HERB COOLEY: THE LAW ENFORCEMENT LEGACY OF MY FATHER.

Strictly Observing LIVE Episode 1.2

This second episodes takes us to Wytheville’s newest pizzeria Moon Dog Brick Oven, which also serves as the most recent addition to our great new downtown renovation.  I speak with manager Chris Ingram about his new job and how he likes running their new Wytheville location.  Be sure to read more in my January 11th installment of Strictly Observing in the Wytheville Enterprise.