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Strictly Observing LIVE! Episode 1.9

With the superbly talented lead singer of Blacksburg band The Breakfast Club, Ezra Ford, as we discuss their Prince tribute show and much more!

Strictly Observing LIVE! Episode 1.8

With friend and fellow Wytheville boy, Woody Wilder, on the amazing things he’s doing as a producer for the NFL Network.

Strictly Observing LIVE! Episode 1.7

It’s not every day when one gets to talk to a nationally renowned author, but that’s what happened when I spoke with Mark Shaw about this fascinating case.  Click on the links below, which have been corrected from the print article, to learn more.  Also, this is for article number 605, not 604, as stated in the interview.  At any rate, I hope you enjoy it.  I sure did!,,

Strictly Observing LIVE! Episode #1.6

This week, I talk with Sarah Dye, the youth services coordinator at the Wythe County Public Library, about the wonderful new programs coming up for kids in our community that are free and open to the public.