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Strictly Observing LIVE! Episode 1.15

I am talking to one of my great mentors this week, Dr. Janice Pryor, director of the Wytheville Community College theater.  In our interview, we discuss the group’s latest play, Southern Fried Funeral.

Strictly Observing Episode 1.14

My interview with Deborah Johns Moir of the Roanoke Tribune as we talk about the Dianne Reeves concert we saw at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke on March 3rd. Read her article at the link here.

Good reviews

Some reviews from prestigious colleagues are coming in. First, from Wythe County native Dave Huddle of the University of Vermont on Hazel’s Little Bud.

Next, a review of A Real Life Fairy Tale from New York Times bestselling author, Mark Shaw.

I’m very honored to receive such kind words from such respected colleagues.

Agree?  Disagree?  Leave your reviews today.

Strictly Observing LIVE! Episode 1.13

What a thrill to talk with the lovely Joan Singer of Quintango, an internationally known classical group who performed at the Lincoln Theater in Marion on my birthday, March 25th with percussionist Tom Teasley.  A class act to be sure!