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2017 “Strictly Observing” Person of the Year

Every year, I highlight one person featured in a “Strictly Observing” column that has impacted my life and career the most while simultaneously having a similar effect on our community.  This year’s selection is J.T. King.

A lifelong friend, Jared “J.T.” King was the first person I came to when I decided to launch EmBell Publishing.  I knew he was the best undiscovered writer of our area and I wanted to basque in the glory of having made such a revelation in the writing world.  With his unprecedented writing ability and incredible insight and wisdom into the business, he now has his ever-growing fan base captivated by such gripping works as his Michael Black adventure novel series and the horror short Building 1935.  I am at the top of that list.  As both a writer and a friend, J.T. King is unbeatable.