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Emily Sings the Library Blues

Emily was so happy to perform to the Wythe County Public Library for their summer reading kickoff. She felt very discouraged first, seeing the large crowd that had turned out for Nate Montgomery all dissipate when she took the stage. However, the few that were there, were there for her. She received nothing but rave reviews from those who listened with pure attentiveness for the two hours in which she performed. One of my favorite library volunteers, Kay Vollimer, was seen dancing to the early rock and roll favorites made famous by Ruth Brown, “Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean.” Butterfly the Clown, another staple that we look forward to seeing every year at Chautauqua, was on hand making balloon animals and face paintings for the kids. She was also very much into the program, closing her eyes and singing along with Emily to the Beatles’ “Let It Be.” Local library branch director Anita Libby was dancing along to Emily’s rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s “Thing Called Love,” her Eyes even tearing up at one point in reaction to the quality of Emily’s voice. I know that effect, as her ability to convey the emotion of a song really does reduce you to tears at times. I think the reaction from those few but very dedicated listeners helped make this performance one of Emily’s best ever. I thought her vocals were superb and the delivery with which convey the emotional power of each song was on point. Philip MacAdams, branch manager of the Rural Retreat Public Library, has become a regular fan of Emily and one of her most appreciated and staunch supporters. His taste in music directly aligns with the sort that Emily is trying to make known in the area. Her efforts seem to be paying off well, as Dr. Patricia BeCraft, coordinator of the McDowell Music Club, and invited Emily to perform a program on Saturday, September 17th at 7 PM at Grace Lutheran Church in Rural Retreat. This was a real thrill for her and a great sense of pride for me and we are most grateful to Pat for offering us the opportunity. We were also very pleased to see our dear friend from church Phyllis Slaughter, who is also been a great support to Emily whenever she appears at the library. She has especially enjoyed Emily’s blues and soul program and expressed the powerfulness of her voice and the unique ability she had to convey the emotion of a blues song, which she remarked that you would not hear during a Sunday church hymn. For Mother’s Day, I purchased Emily a new sound system, which seems to work very well. She has her own microphone and her backing tracks can be initiated through the system via Bluetooth or SD card which makes things much easier on both of us. For her June 9th appearance at the Bolling Wilson Hotel, my friend Tyler Hash has invited her to appear on the rooftop. This will be an experience for both of us that we have never partaken, but are looking forward to doing. Make sure you come up and join us from 6 to 8.