Bella’s 3-year old Preschool Graduation

Posted by Zach Cooley on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

St. John’s preschool has been responsible for some pretty significant milestones in the life my four-year-old daughter and me, most recently her graduation from the three-year-old class to the four-year-old class. I didn’t even know they had graduation ceremonies until she had completed both levels at the preschool, but this was a lovely and emotional program for Emily and me.

I’ve always wanted to observe what a full day of preschool was like for my Bella and this program offered me a glimpse. They sang the entirety of all their songs including their excellent morning song and the religious jingles that go along with their snack time blessing and weekly chapel services, Bella’s favorite part of her preschool week. To hear her recite the children’s creed along with her classmates proclaiming her belief in God brought tears to my eyes. She has already wowed us with her near-perfect recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Both of her grandfathers are veterans, so this was especially pleasing for them to hear.

A series of holiday songs including Bella’s personal favorite “Stirring Our Brew,” aptly designed for Halloween. During sessions called crazy music taught by Karen Melton, Bella and her classmates learn fun songs like “Gooney Bird” and “Bear Hunt,” which shows the children about movement and rhythm while also helping to keep them in good physical shape. I have made a whole scrapbook of her first year in preschool and if they’re really treasured all of the things she has made and brought home. All year long, she has teased us with little pieces of songs that she’s learned in school, but when we asked her to sing more, she would always clam up with a shy smile. This program gave us a chance to hear all this week to use of which we had only known snippets beforehand.

Their recitations of the days of the week and months of the year were equally as precious. Among all the cute little things that happened to the small children during the entrance and of the auditorium to the Peanuts theme song, Bella lost her shoe on her way to her seat on stage. Lucky for me, this was right in the center of the stage, so I had a perfect view of her for the entire program. She is usually her Momma’s girl all the way, but it pleases me to see her running off the stage into my arms and wanting to ride my chair over to the refreshment table to eat cookies with her friends. As a dad who loves his little girl better than anything, it doesn’t get any better than that. I couldn’t be prouder of my beautiful and smart little girl, and I’m grateful to God to call her mind and that she has such an excellent school and community in which to participate.