thumbnail_imageBella is the luckiest granddaughter alive. Her Paw-Paw is the one true Santa Claus. Follow her extraordinary adventures with him at the North Pole at Christmas in the heartwarming holiday verse.  BUY IT!

bookcoverimageA legendary figure in Virginia and North Carolina law enforcement for the past fifty years, Herb Cooley has achieved the highest laurels awarded to a police officer. A native of rural Grayson County, he enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard and went to work for the High Point Police Department, where he was a patrolmen, motorcycle cop and detective in the thick of the Civil Rights group when such notoriously dangerous groups as the Black Panthers moved through town. Herb also maintained a clean record as an officer at a time when his police department was under tremendous scrutiny. He eventually moved to the Office of the Public Defender, solving high profile cases for the state of North Carolina. Herb earned his Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration and graduating from the prestigious FBI National Academy. He was selected as Chief Deputy of the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia where, for the next fourteen years, he and his longtime friend, Sheriff Wayne Pike, rebuilt the entire department by creating countless drug and traffic safety programs that are still saving lives today. Working on countless civic committees and even serving as President of the local Chamber of Commerce, Herb made an unsuccessful bid for Wythe County Clerk of Court in 1991. In 1994, Herb achieved the rank of Chief of Police in Pulaski, Virginia, where he instituted everything from new drug laws to even a revamping of the patrol car design. Herb completed his career as Chief of Police in Vinton, Virginia, where he turned a virtually disgraced department into one of the few fully accredited agencies in the state. Retiring after 45 years, Herb has lived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Fancy Gap, Virginia, where he has enjoyed spending time with family in the coast and mountains. In this unprecedented look into his legacy, including nearly 80 rare photos, Herb’s impressive story is told by the most unique of authors: his son, longtime journalist, Zach Cooley, who endeavored to discover his father as he never knew him before: a legendary officer who has dedicated his life to protecting others.  BUY IT!

The Rose PrincessBella is the first baby born to an enchanted home in 100 years.  Only she has the power to destroy the evil forces that threaten to destroy the magic of this special home. BUY IT!

love by definitionJoin Zach and Emily Cooley as they unveil another chapter of their unique love story through another travel adventure. When Emily is finally offered her dream job as a stay-at-home telephone triage nurse , she and Zach head to San Antonio and discover the historically rich area around them. From Zach’s connections to the “Father of Texas” to the diary entries of Emily’s Texan grandfather, a D-Day veteran, they also explore their personal connection to the Lone Star State.

Zach and Emily also visit Roan Mountain, TN, home of the world’s largest rhododendron gardens, to discover the people, natural beauty and history of the area and its special meaning to them. Along the way, there are plenty of joys and tears to share as Zach and Emily express their heartbreak and gratitude involved with their life experiences of coping with Zach’s cerebral palsy and the people who have saved them in times of need. Through the examination of love itself and a wonderful surprise that even they couldn’t predict, learn why Zach and Emily’s real-life story is the true definition of love.  BUY IT!

face valuePhil Mayo was born a hopeless romantic. He dreams of a long, happy life with his high school sweetheart along with the ideal family and perfect job. Just when Phil thinks all of his dreams have come true, he realizes that life doesn’t always go as it is planned. With his entire world suddenly turned upside down, Phil finds himself struggling to keep his sanity. However, he learns that just because one door closes in his life, he simply cannot shut himself off to the ones that remain open. As a reporter for a news magazine in Miami, Phil attempts to find solace in his work to divert him from his own problems. Seeing the hardships of those less fortunate, he realizes the pettiness of his personal issues. Through it all, Phil learns the importance of family and friends as he determined what a blessed guy he actually is. Together with his son, Tyler, and his best friend, Chris, follow Phil as he struggles to build a new life that is full of hopes, dreams, and promises of a better tomorrow, all the while learning the ups and downs of taking life at face value.  BUY IT!

Real Life FairytaleAfter a whirlwind three-month courtship, Zach Cooley decides to pop the question to his wife-to-be, Emily, in a big way. Along with his best friend, Stevin, he sets out to plan a trip to The Big Apple, to see his lifelong idol, Phil Collins, perform his last ever American show while becoming engaged to the love of his life.

Their subsequent Valentine’s Day trip to San Francisco is equally as exciting. Just like in New York City, there are plenty of ups and downs for the pair, as traveling is harder than ever given Zach’s cerebral palsy. Follow him and Emily on this heartwarming chapter of their real-life fairy tale love story.  BUY IT!

HazelBorn with cerebral palsy, Zach Cooley tells the story of his life with bits of historical information on the town of Austinville, Virginia intermingled throughout his work, which was also home to Hazel Stoots, his great-great aunt who served as the family matriarch despite having no children of her own, thanks to her undying sense of family. Hazel was also well-known as a worker for the local recreation center for more than 25 years, making her a popular citizen of the community. Later, to Zach, she was the center of his world. Her passing nearly led him down a destructive path. It would be years before he would find his purpose in life through a young woman named Emily, who would become the love of his life. In HAZEL’S LITTLE BUD, an autobiographical account with historical flavor, discover his story, which pays tribute to these two women and the community, which holds a history he is driven to protect.  BUY IT!

shiny fingers orphansShiny Fingers is a magical horse who performs kind deeds for others through his magically powered hooves. Join him and his faithful rider, Johnny Chapson, as they help a group of orphans to have a happy Thanksgiving!  BUY IT!

shiny fingers ole smokeyShiny Fingers is a magical horse who performs kind deeds for others through his magically powered hooves. Join him and his faithful rider, Johnny Chapson, as they make a new friend in a special donkey named Old Smokey.  BUY IT!

shiny fingers spring gardenShiny Fingers is a magical horse who performs kind deeds for others through his magically powered hooves. Join him and his faithful rider, Johnny Chapson, as they help some starving rabbits find food to survive.  BUY IT!

shinyfingers christmasShiny Fingers is a magical horse who performs kind deeds for other through his magically powered hooves. Join him and his faithful rider, Johnny Chapson, as they help Santa to save Christmas after an injured reindeer potentially end their yearly journey.  BUY IT!