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Taylor Wedding

Taylor Wedding

On December 30th, Emily and I took Bella to witness her first wedding. It was also one of the sweetest we have ever seen. We went to the beautifully quaint Comers Creek Baptist Church in Troutdale just one mile off the road at the Smyth and Grayson County lines.

About thirty close family and friends joined in for the ceremony officiated by Tim Barr who united my longtime friend Sarah Combs in holy matrimony to Greg Taylor, the love of her life. She was given away in marriage by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman G. Combs, Jr. Bridesmaids were Meleshia Steffey and Callie Cregger. Best man was R.B. Parks, the godfather of the groom and Zon Richardson, cousin of the bride, served as groomsman. The bible used for the ceremony belonged to the bride’s late grandfather, Sherman G. Combs, Sr., who passed away last year, just one week after being presented with it by the Comers Creek congregation as a birthday gift.

Sarah and Greg have known each other their whole lives, but only recently reconnected when Greg returned to visit his hometown of Sugar Grove from Columbia, South Carolina. Both had just experienced bad breakups from long-term relationships and their reconnections seemed to fill every point in both of their hearts and complete them in ways that no other relationship had ever done. In short, they were in love at first sight. “Greg and I grew up together and were even in the hospital together when we were born,” said the bride. “After high school, Greg joined the army and completed three tours of Iraq.”

Afterwards, the groom relocated several times before settling in Columbia, where he most recently worked as a teacher. He and his wife will now reside in Sugar Grove. Their story is very much like the fairytale romance that Emily and I had experienced. We found each other at a time we never expected and once that happened, we didn’t see anything practical about wasting time delaying what we knew to be right. Emily and I were married after only three months of courting. Sarah and Greg tied the knot after reconnecting this past September and becoming engaged on December 10th. Regardless of the time frame, there was no question that Greg and Sarah were a perfect match. Their besotted eyes show the overwhelming amount of love, adoration and self-completion that each brings to the other. When the two of them are together, all is right in there world. Their families and friends all seem to be at peace and happy with this union as well.

Purple was the predominant color throughout the wedding, with the bride donning a beautiful purple gown complete with veil and sparkling silver tiara. The groom wore an equally dapper violet western shirt complete with black boots. Their vows were touching and the preacher used biblically sound principles to accompany them. The bride marched down the aisle to Canon in D, the same tune my wife used.

The reception was held at a very familiar place that signifies our friendship with Sarah Combs and now our newfound friendship with Greg Taylor. Yummy Yummy Japanese Restaurant in Marion has been a traditional staple for us over the years. So, my favorite meal of yummy style steak, New York strip, of course, tater tots and sweet buns accompanied with Emily’s customary choice of sushi with sriracha sauce was enough to keep the tradition going. The cake was a delicious vanilla flavor with matching icing and purple frilled frosting. Greg was kind enough to bestow Bella the first piece of cake. She flirted adorably with the groom and marveled at the bride’s dress.

I have always referred to Sarah as Ethel because we have a similar affinity for I Love Lucy, but mostly because she happens to be a blonde haired pal who is always there when Emily and I need her to fix something or need an answer to the weirdest questions. These vary from such subjective how to unclog a faucet so how to dislodge a jammed printer, Ethel is always ready and able to lend a hand. Bella now refers to her as Aunt Ethel.

I have yet to come up with a fitting nickname for the groom, however, but we look forward to having just as close a relationship with him. They are a beautiful couple with unique senses of humor and tastes that add to the cohesiveness of their matrimonial match. We look forward to a lifetime of happy memories with these two people. Along with God’s most abundant blessings on their marriage, we extend our most sincere love, lifelong friendship and best wishes to the happy and lovely couple.